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Thermacell MR 150 Portable Mosquito Repeller and Cartridges

Updated: Sep 3, 2023



In the old days, the mosquitos were the guardians of the tundra, the swamps, and bogs. Man can kill off the panthers, the alligators, and the cobras, but the mosquito was always the most ruthless and formidable opponent of them all. Even the fittest army with the strongest men would eventually surrender the battlefield to this relentless enemy. They are minuscule, but like the tiny fire ant, command respect that far exceed their size.

I am happy to announce that the mosquito has finally meet its doom. This Thermacell protection thing is like the immortal shield of Achilles; a suit amour made of mithril; and a Patronus against the Dementors wrapped into one device. I’m so glad I had it. I felt invincible against the pesky creatures. One of the links is for the instrument, and the other is for extra cartridges. Check out both.

The Youtube video below from Lone Crow adventures does a very good job going through the product specs, and how to use the Thermacell.

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