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Updated: Mar 2

ZJ Sports Wing Paddle

ZJ Sports Logo

I'm happy to announce that Zijie Sport will be sponsoring my journey around the UK and Ireland with a challenge that if I successfully complete the 4,500 mile journey, they will present me a new carbon fiber wing paddle and a new carbon fiber euro blade paddle from their current line up.

I presume that many paddlers have not heard of Zijie Sport. I admittedly did not know about them until late 2023 when I was doing some Christmas shopping for a new wing paddle for the UK and Ireland journey and landed on their website.

Their carbon fiber shafts are lightweight with an elegant hash pattern, and their paddles blades have a thin yet robust leading edge, that shows they have excellent craftsman skills.

Most importantly, their paddles come with a reliable locking mechanism that will not jam up with prolonged exposure to sea water.

Zijie paddles are VERY affordable! And have topnotch quality that leaves nothing wanting compared to the more well known brands. They have made a special 15% discount coupon ZJAMK2024 that you can use on their website for the duration of my journey.

In the spirit of giving back, for every person (up to 40 people) that makes a purchase on the Zijie-Sport Website using my coupon, I will make a $5 donation to St. Mungo's, a charity helping the homeless in the south of England. You just need to send me a photograph of yourself with your paddle and allow me to use the photo to make a collage.

If you would also like to help St. Mungo's, you can sponsor 1 mile of my journey around the the UK and Ireland with a $5 donation through image or link below.

St Mungos Banner

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Excellent Paddle!

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