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Updated: Mar 4

Biscayne Bay - Miami - Rockpool Taran

I'm happy to announce that I now have a sponsor for my journey to kayak around the UK and Ireland!

SKWOOSH the makers of the Kayak Bilge Sponge have agreed to provide me with 30 of their super absorbent sponges! What am I going to do with 30 Sponges, you ask? Well, I'm going to give them all away to YOU! The folks I meet along the way!

Every kayaker I meet that says SKWOOSH! Gets a free sponge from me! They might be a little crumpled as I am going to skwoosh them all in a few compression bags to save space but I assure you they'll work just fine!

In addition, for every sponge I give away, I will make a $5 donation to the St Mungo's charity helping the homeless in the south of England.

Also, for every person (up to 40 people) that sends me a photo of themselves with a SKWOOSH product, from now until the end of the journey, I will make a $5 donation to St Mungo's, provided you let me use the photo to make a collage.

You can also sponsor 1 mile of my trip, by giving $5 to St Mungo's by clicking the image or link below.

St Mungos Banner

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