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I'm happy to announce that Falcon Sails will be sponsoring my journey around the UK and Ireland with free replacement parts in case any issues happen along the way.

Most of you who follow my blog posts, no doubt have see several pictures of my kayak with the sail hoisted up carrying me along downwind. Falcon Sails have been my trusted companion out on the water when I need to cover 40 or more miles in a day.

One of the most common questions I get is, "Who makes your sail?" to which I've always been happy to point the fellow kayaker in the right direction. You won't be disappointed with one of these on your boat.

One thing that really sets the Falcon Sail apart from other kayak sails is Patrick Forrester, the President of Falcon Sails. If you ever have an issue, you can call him or email, and he'll get back to you the same day. If you have a great suggestion to improve the product, you will see it implemented. He's the man!

In the spirit of giving back, and to show the fantastic reliability of this equipment, Falcon Sails and I have decided to make a challenge out of my attempt to circumnavigate the UK and Ireland.

Every 500 miles that I cover without experiencing equipment failure of my Falcon Sail of any kind, Patrick and I will make matching donations to St. Mungo's, a charity helping the homeless in the south of England.

We will start at $5 each, and then increase the donations by $5 each every 500 miles to commemorate the achievement. The reasoning being that the farther into the journey, the greater the strain will be on the equipment. If I do get an equipment failure, and have to replace something, then we will reset the count back to $5 each. However, Patrick and I are VERY confident, that the sail will perform without a hitch for the entire 4,500 miles of the journey, so in total we expect to raise $450 for this challenge.

If you would also like to help St. Mungo's, you can sponsor 1 mile of my journey around the the UK and Ireland with a $5 donation through image or link below.

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Apr 17

If you want to give kayak sailing a chance, go for the best.

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