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Updated: Mar 5

Fisher Island - Kayak Paddle - IMG Global Logo

IMG Global Logo

I'm happy to announce that IMG Travel insurance will be sponsoring me on my kayak journey around the UK and Ireland!

During the past few months while I have been preparing for the expedition, I discovered that as a non-resident spending several months doing adventure travel in the UK, I don't get to free-ride on the largesse of the British National Health Service, unfortunately.

So if something happens and I need to call a helicopter to come fetch me out of the North Sea, or get roughed up on breaking barrel wave on a deserted beach; a lot of things might be uncertain, but the one thing I know for sure, is that the British Government will send me the bill for the rescue and the hospital visit on behalf of British Tax Payers.

Therefore, I got insurance to cover me from head to toe!

At 39 I'm not as invincible as I used to be when I was in my 20s, but what I now lack in strength, I make up for with wisdom, by using money on the thing it's meant to buy me: PEACE OF MIND to paddle 4,500 miles!

IMG Global Banner

In the interest of full disclosure, If you purchase a policy from IMG through my links on this page, they will pay me a commission.

However, in the spirit of giving back, for the duration of my journey around the UK and Ireland, I will be donating all the proceeds I make to St. Mungo's, a charity helping the homeless in the south of England. I'll make the donations as the proceeds come in.

If you would also like to help St. Mungo's, you can sponsor 1 mile of my journey around the the UK and Ireland with a $5 donation through image or link below.

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