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Nadgee Solo Sea Kayak

Updated: May 16, 2023

5 stars

This Nadgee Solo Sea Kayak was made to measure for original owner who was my size (so not everyone can borrow it 😀).



Carbon Kevlar


5.2 Meters (17.0ft)


58 cm (22.8in)


22 KG (48lbs)

Foot peddles are bolted to the front bulkhead. Hull and Chines are reinforced.

Rudder has a recessed slot to protect it if not in use (I rarely use it as it tracks & edges great anyway)

The kayak has a built in foot pump, and offset rear hatches to allow access without removing spare paddle.

Kayak stern

OK. This kayak fits me like a glove. It is so practical & predictable that when I sat in cockpit with padded sides knee pads & solid peddles I feel that wear this kayak.

This kayak also has plenty of Gear capacity as you can see.

Nadgee Solo Kayak Gear capacity

You can watch a YouTube video from Mark Sundin describing the kayak features below:

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