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Around the UK & Ireland on my Kayak


This will be a daring 5,000 mile journey to paddle around the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the many islands and islets that make up the British Isles.

My plan will be to leave from London on the Thames sometime in late March 2024 and follow a clockwise direction. The route will take me past the English Channel Coast, with a possible channel crossing to the Channel Islands and back (Weather permitting), and a detour to the Scilly Islands, before crossing the Irish Sea via the Isle of Man. 

From there the odyssey will continue to Dublin where I hope to get my first taste of Guinness in Ireland, and follow the rugged Atlantic Coast stopping at Skelling Michael and the Cliffs of Moher, before continuing up the Scottish Hebrides. If the weather cooperates, I will make two crossings to the Orkneys and the Shetlands reaching the Northernmost point in the UK, and then rush back down the North Sea coast to London before the onset of the winter storms.


In the spirit of giving back, I have partnered with St Mungos, a local charity in the south of England that supports the homeless. Given the hard economic times in the UK, organizations like St Mungos are especially important to help people who have fallen on hard times to get back on their feet with dignity.

Individuals can Sponsor 1 mile of the Expedition with a $5 donation to St Mungos on the dedicated Just Giving Page. All the Funds will go directly to St Mungos


St mungos.jpg
UK and Ireland Map

Journey Milestones:

  • London (Start) - March

  • Plymouth - Mid April

  • Liverpool - Mid May

  • Dublin - Early June

  • Belfast - Mid July

  • Glasgow - Late July

  • Edinburgh - Late August/Early September

  • London (End) - Late September/Early October


I'd like to play a kind of nation wide hide and seek game to encourage interactions along the way with people from all walks of like.

If I find you wearing something with my expedition logo, I will buy you a drink or a meal. If you buy me a meal, a drink, give me a bed for the night or any other kind of hospitality, then I will give you a hat or beanie with the expedition logo.

For every exchange, I will donate $5 to St Mungos.

You can buy garments with the expedition logo in the link below, and find me through the GPS Tracker which will be activated when the trip Starts. 




I am actively looking for corporate sponsors that would like to partner with me on this journey. Food companies are especially welcome!

With a daily caloric intake exceeding 5,000 calories, I'm willing to eat my entire body weight (180 pounds) of your product over the course of the expedition and document my progress, provided you have something delicious and nutritious.

If you are interested, please contact me through the form below or email me directly at I'll try to reply the same day.


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