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Part 4 - Feb 5th - Day 47 - Last Day! - Sea Kayak Florida Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 29

Around Florida by Kayak Map

It could hardly have been a better day to cover the last miles home. With the strong wind from the Southeast I decided to make a little victory lap and extend things a little rather than head straight to Key Biscayne. I took a 7.5-mile detour to the Fowey Lighthouse and Rocks that sit on the edge of the continental shelf on the Florida Straits. The swells there were quite large, and I dared not take the hands off the paddle for any photos. From there to Key Biscayne was straight downwind and I surfed from one wave to the next.

Arriving on the beach I met some of my elderly neighbors who asked where I had been all this time. My car had been collecting dust, the mailbox was overflowing, and they were worried I had fallen off the face of the Earth, or maybe even was the lost kayaker from the news. I had met them the day I left and said I was going around Florida, so they must have forgotten.

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I found my house the same way I left it. The folks I rented over Christmas and New Year’s took good care of it, however, they didn’t eat any of the chocolate ice cream and fudge biscuits I specifically had left for them. I celebrated my lone arrival home by eating a full quart of ice cream. Prior to starting I had weighed myself to see how much I might lose. The verdict, when I left, I was 194 lbs, now I’m 169 lbs (although probably 171 lbs after all the ice cream).

While the journey was happening, it felt as if it would go on forever. For Almost two months, the sea, the kayak, and the paddle were an extension of my being. But experiences are transitory, and like all things in life that have come before, this journey too has now come to pass.

Over all these were the main stats: Total Distance: 1,174.5 miles Total days: 47 Days paddled: 41 Av distance paddled per day: 28.63 miles Most miles in a day: 53 Average speed: 4.25mph Max speed: 10.1mph Need to plan the next journey... But the question is, where to now?

Sea Kayak Florida Circumnavigation


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