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Sea to Summit Pack Tap 6 liter

Updated: May 31, 2023

3 Stars

Sea to Summit Pack Tap 6 liter

This water bag isn't particularly useful, if you have a regular water supply on your route. This bag does have one great advantage over the competitor dromedary bags, in that the water tastes much better. One thing I would note about the Sea to Summit water bag, is that the 6 liter is the largest that will fit through a round day or front hatch of the Rockpool Taran or even behind the seat. I had originally bought the 10 liter, but had to return it, as it would not fit through either hatch, and putting it in the stern would have made the kayak unbalanced. The other option for a large water bag is to carry it with you in the cockpit under your legs, but that can be uncomfortable.

The YouTube video from Outdoor Visuals below does a good job of reviewing the Sea to Summit Pack Tap

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