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The AMK Helios! - The Best Wide Brim Sun Hat You Will Ever Get!

Updated: Mar 4

Have ever thought that the wide brim sun hat you have been using to kayak isn't wide enough to cover you from the sun?

Then your problem now solved!

The AMK Helios is an ultra wide brim hat. Where most wide brims hats have a 4-inch brim, the Helios has 6-inch brim! Enough to keep the sun out of your face during the hottest time of the day!

Made from 100% polyester, the AMK Helios will bead the water away from your head, while its air vents will keep you cool and refreshed!

To top it all off, the head and chin straps on this hat will keep it securely tied to your head no matter the wind. You can even roll you kayak with the AMK Helios while keeping your sun glasses on without fear of losing of them!

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