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CLIQ Portable Chair

Updated: Jan 29

4 Stars

CLIQ Portable Chair
Man Sitting on a folding chair

One of the things I felt was lacking in my Puerto Rico trip was a comfortable place to sit when I was on the beach. Sometimes I would sit on a log, on the sand, and once even on a toilet seat cover that had washed on shore. Then on one occasion, someone on the beach offered for me their chair. Good grace! That was a huge improvement! It was so good, that I fell asleep!

The experience led me to conclude that having a good place to sit is almost as important as a good pillow or mattress to sleep on.

The CLIQ Portable Chair is extremely comfortable, it packs into a very small size that you can fit in a dry bag and the materials are all rust proof. It's a little heavy due to the metal frame, but definitely worth the weight!

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