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C-Tug Kayak Cart

Updated: May 31, 2023

2 Stars

I was not impressed with the C-Tug kayak Cart. It is not a bad cart, but could easily be better.

Here is what I found good about it: 1. It can be disassembled for easy storage.

2. All all major parts of the cart made of plastic which means there isn't anything that can rust in the seawater. The only metal parts are the one screw for the foot stand and the buckle for the strap which are marine grade and won't rust.

3. The support pads give ample surface for your kayak, which coupled with the strap means that your kayak is secure and won't fall off.

4. It performs well when rolling over various surfaces, including soft sand.

5. I especially like the side attachment for the straps which removes the hassle of having to cross the straps under the cart to make sure your kayak is secure.

But here is why I don't recommend it:

1. The foot stand is terrible. The screw is always getting loose and wont hold the cart in place. In any hard surface, I find myself in the frustrating situation of setting up the cart, only to find that it has tipped on its side once I grabbed my kayak and was ready to set it on top of it. It only takes a little breeze to tip it so you have to be fast.

2. Although the whole cart can be disassembled, the parts are not small, and have very odd and irregular shapes which make it very difficult to pack in your hatches, and take up valuable space. Therefore, if you are going on a multiday trip this cart is going to limit what you can take with you.

3. For a cart made of plastic it is very heavy.

4. The way the cart parts fit together require a twisting motion of the two leg supports. This means that when the sand gets in between the parts, disassembly becomes very difficult and eventually impossible. Mine no longer comes apart, and I only use it for day trips.

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