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Super Bright LED Headlamp 

Updated: May 31, 2023

4 Stars

Super Bright LED Headlamp 

Super Bright LED Headlamp 

I really liked this LED headlamp. The high beam mode is as bright as the high beams of car, if not more. Looking straight into the light is like staring into the eyes of Zeus. If you paddle at night, this lamp can illuminate everything within 300 feet, and if the focusing feature is used, you can even see reflective signs 2000 feet away.

My only complaint about this light is that the IPX4 rating which means it splash and rain proof, but not underwater waterproof, so best to avoid using it in conditions where capsizing is a possibility.

Instructions say that this lamp should be charged once a month even if not in use to preserve the battery life. I don’t like that, but then again, it’s was only $25 when I bought it. If it breaks I would just by a new one. I don’t know how the battery life for this lamp performs in very cold conditions.

The YouTube Video below from Creative Ideas Bd does a good job of demonstrating the capabilities of this headlamp.

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