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AMK Carbon Wing Paddle - Beta Production

Updated: Jan 25

The AMK Carbon Wing Paddle is my first production trial for a wing paddle. They came out with a small production defect where the markings for the feathering are offset, with neutral position at 60 degrees, rather than 0 degrees. They also came out with some very minor scratches on the logo.

That being said, the paddles are fully functional, and are built with the same shape and material as an Epic Mid Wing.

After testing the paddles side by side I cannot tell any difference in paddle stroke between these paddles and the Epic Wing when set to the same size and length. In fact, if you are in Miami and would like to try out both the AMK and Epic Wing paddles side by side before buying, send me a message and I can set up a demo for you!



AMK Wing Paddle

AMK Carbon Wing Paddle

Epic Mid Wing

Epic Wing Paddle


200 - 210 CM

205 - 215 CM

Blade Width x Length

16.4 CM x 50 CM

16.4 CM x 50.0 CM

Blade Area

750 CM2

750 CM2


700g +/- 20g



Club Carbon/ Round Shaft

Club Carbon/ Oval Shaft







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