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Reflective Kayak Paddle Leash

Updated: Jan 30

5 Stars

Reflective Kayak Paddle Leash 

Usually I don’t like to use paddle leashes as they tend to get in the way especially when getting out of the kayak, doing a steep beach landing, surfing, or rolling.

However, they are very useful to have it on in heavy seas if you have to to open the spray skirt, and need both hands to point your willie into the pee bottle without losing your paddle. Peeing when you are stressed about losing your paddle makes the process take longer which makes losing the paddle more likely. I always had the paddle leash with me stored in the hull under the bungees along with the water bottles for this reason alone.

When you go land on the beach, it's best to store away the paddle leash. When you land, throw the paddle up the beach, and get out of the kayak as quickly as possible.

This paddle is very good. the line is elastic so it's not too long to get tangled on your leg or paddle, and is easy to stash away when not needed.

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