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Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Neoprene Fullsleeve Top

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Neoprene Fullsleeve Top

While comfortable to wear, the Synergy wet suit top thickness makes it too hot in most kayaking conditions. I used these only once the entire journey around Florida, the only day the temperature topped at 40oF, but I was glad to have it for that occasion. If conditions ever require using a wetsuit this thick, it would be better to use a dry suit. They may, however, be ok for a cold day of kayak surfing.

When kayaking with this suit you should definitely apply some chaffing cream under your armpits to prevent rashes. I would also recommend purchasing one size larger than you think you'll need, because it is a very tight fit. Maybe that is ok for a triathlon, but for kayaking a little looser is preferable.

If you are like me, you are probably fatter than you think you are. the picture is very deceiving; you won't have a six pack when you wear this wet suit.

The YouTube video below from Synergy shows how to put on one of these wetsuits. The video is for a one piece, but you the end result is about the same.

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