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Moveit Shippers

3 stars

To ship my kayak from Miami to Seattle I used a company called move it Moveit. Shippers. They came to pick up the kayak at my house and delivered it to the designated address in Seattle.

When the time came to ship my kayak back home, they came to pick it up at the hotel I was staying at the designated time which was very convenient.

They showed up on time for both pickup and delivery and got my stuff across the country quickly.

I would note that you should make sure to purchase insurance. for shipping your kayak, and be certain to pack it well and be generous with the bubble wrap and tape.

Most moving companies use local 3rd parties for the last mile pick up and delivery, and those guys are a hit and miss on the quality and care they will have with your equipment, doesn't matter how many "fragile" and "handle with care" stickers you slap on. Heck my kayak bag even says "baggage handlers are awesome" and yet they still stored the kayak bag with the cockpit section vertically, and then laid it on the ground up side down. Fortunately nothing broken, but the bag fabric got a beating...

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