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Matheson Hammock Park & Marina

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Matheson Hammock marina boat Ramp

Matheson Hammock is a historic park on the east shore of Biscayne Bay. The boat ramp at the marina is a good spot to launch your kayak, if it is not crowded, otherwise the lines will be long. Get there early on the weekend, and if you are doing a long day trip it might be advisable to get a friend to pick you up somewhere else else such as Hobbie Beach on Virginia Key.

If however, you are planning on a multi day trip to Boca Chita, Elliot Key or any of the northern keys, then this could be a good starting point, though if you are looking for the shortest distance to cross the bay, then Black Point Marina might be a better option depending on the wind conditions.

For more information on the park, including fees visit the Miami Dade County Parks Website.

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