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Black Point Marina

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Black Point marina - Miami Dade - Mount Trashmore  in the back.

Black Point Is one of the largest marinas in Miami Dade. Nonetheless, it still gets very busy on weekends and holidays and there will be a long line of pickup trucks stretching into the access roads to put their boats on the water. It can be smelly here depending on which way the wind is blowing. The big mountain to the west is the Mount Trashmore Landfill. Supposedly the highest point in the United States east of US-1.

If you are an avid bird watcher, then the landfill is the place to be. You will see more birds here than anywhere in the Everglades. They congregate in their tens of thousands like locust swarms to find something worth eating on on the landfill

Near by is also the South District Wastewater Treatment Plant that handles all of the sewage in Miami Dade County South of Kendall. The treated effluent is disposed through deep well injection after so it never comes in contact with the immediate surface water. Future expansion plans of the plant include sending some of the treated effluent to be used as cooling water for the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant.

If you are looking for lunch the Black Point Ocean Grill is closest pace. They make good fish sandwiches, and their French fries are crisp.

If you are planning a multiday trip to Boca Chita and Elliot Key, then this is your shortest departure point. The landings on the islands are almost due east from the marina about 10 miles away.

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