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Playita Beach Launch Point

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Playita Beach Parking Lot

Playita beach is immediately after the Rickenbacker Toll Gantry, there's a parking lot on the south side of the road. The beach here is narrow, but perfectly launchable for a kayak, canoe or paddle board.

Windsurfers like to hangout close to the beach, as the waves never have a chance to build, even when the wind is strong.

Waters are shallow and it can be a great place to swim or snorkel.

It is not possible to launch from the north of the causeway as it is fenced off for restoration. But you can paddle under the main Rickenbacker Causeway to get there.

If you need to park your car here for the day, be sure to arrive early as the lot fills up quickly, especially on weekends and holidays.

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