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Rickenbacker Toll Gantry

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Rickenbacker Toll Gantry Road. Southbound

The Rickenbacker Toll Gantry road is the gateway to northern Biscayne Bay and connects Miami to the barrier islands of Key Biscayne and Virginia Key.

The main access points to get here are from I-95 highway from the north and US-1 from the south.

Tolls are collected using SunPass which is a prepaid toll program used in Florida.

As of April 2023 the cost for a two axle vehicle is $3.00 with additional axles costing more. Tolls are charged in the south bound direction only.

There is a dedicated bicycle path on the rightmost side of the southbound lane. Pedestrians and bicycles do not have to pay.

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