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Part 1 Dec. 25th - Day 5 - Sea Kayak Florida Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 29

Around Florida by Kayak

Today felt like a down payment to be back in Miami on time for work. I covered 32 miles with a head wind. There were some opportunities to sail, but the reach was tight, and for many hours, I did constant battle with the wind and waves to keep the boat on heading. I leaned my body to windward and countered the force on the sail pushing me like massive hand swatting away flies. My paddles strokes felt distorted as though I was reaching under my sofa with a dust broom. Six hours in this painful position ground my hips like food in a garbage disposal. The one thought that comforted me, that I could have been doing all this out in the ocean where the waves would be steeper, and the winds more ferocious. Maybe I will stay in the intracoastal for the rest of the north leg if conditions don’t improve. Sebastian inlet where I plan on arriving tomorrow is forecasting 8-foot waves.

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For Christmas, I decided to open one of my two Nutella jars. Having one for food emergencies is enough, so one can be a treat. I would have liked to stop at a supermarket I marked on the map to stock up on canned tuna and salmon, but everything is closed today. Not stopping to check was the right decision. If I had taken the 1-hour detour I would have camped in the dark. There is enough food to last several more days, and my Nutella jars will last until the Georgia border at least.

Sea Kayak Florida Circumnavigation

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