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Sea Kayak Travel Blog

Are You Looking for a Great Sea Kayaki Travel Blog? Check Out Around On My Kayak

Kayaking is an amazing activity. Very few activities offer outdoor enthusiasts a wide range of experience as kayaking. Whether you are out there for some peace and relaxation, need some exercise or just want to feel closer to nature, kayaking has you covered.  


Now, there are an endless amount of travel blogs on the internet but if you're looking for a sea kayak travel blog, Around On My Kayak is the blog for you. This sea kayak travel blog documents the author's kayaking adventures around the world and provides readers with tips and tricks for their own kayaking trips. He includes maps, routes, and photographs, as well as a comprehensive review of all the gear items he used, and a review of some of the best camping and hotel spots he found along the way


So, if you're looking for some travel inspiration or just want to read about someone else's kayaking adventures, be sure to check out Around On My Kayak's sea kayak travel blog at

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