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Part 5 - Jul. 6th - Day 20 - A Break from the Headwinds - Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 29

Puerto Rico - East Coast - Rockpool Taran

I finally rounded the south east corner of Puerto Rico. I was thrilled when the compass heading started to point Northeast and then due North. Compared to yesterday, paddling felt rather and visibly seeing that the land was moving backwards with every stroke was a big psychological boost.

I passed by an island full of monkeys. It’s the first time I’ve seen monkeys here in Puerto Rico, and I would venture to say that the ones on this island are not native. A sign on the beach said very sternly, “Do not land. The monkeys are aggressive, and they bite.” and so I stayed a few meters offshore and did not get off my kayak. I’m not sure what these monkeys eat, because the island is kind of barren. Maybe someone from the mainland comes by a day or two and drops off food for the famished critters. I didn’t want to set foot on land and be mistaken for their meal ticket and find out how unhappy they would be with unrealized expectations.

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Yesterday I noticed a small rash under each of my armpits. I don’t know why I didn’t apply the rubbing cream before starting today. Maybe the discomfort wasn’t enough to remind me in the morning, but it sure was throughout the day. The rashes are now red, and I am in sore need to wash them in fresh water. I camped on the mainland, just downwind of the monkey island. The beach here is very ugly, full of seaweed and trash. There was a road nearby leading to a small village. I walked along the road and found a gas station. At that point I had a bright idea. I bought two gallons of fresh water and dunked them over my head for an improvised shower which was greatly appreciated by the armpit rashes.

Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation


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