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Part 2 Jan. 14th - Day 25 - Sea Kayak Florida Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 29

Around Florida by Kayak Map

Yesterday I overdid on the food. Not only did I eat the McNuggets, I also chugged down a pepperoni pizza at a local Italian restaurant. This morning I suffered from the revenge of the Seminoles which set me to a modestly late start.

A sign at the Branford boat ramp indicated that the town of Suwannee is still 70 miles away. I had hoped it would be closer. Tomorrow the high tide will be at 5:30pm which will probably negate the boost I’ve been riding on the downstream current. I’ve been impressed how effortless it is to hold a pace above 5 mile per hour, even without a sail.

I think I saw my first alligator this journey. Almost always when I see a floating tree branch or log on the water I wonder if it might be something more sinister, and almost always it is just log, but I cannot not help but think it is moving until I see it up close. But this one I was sure was moving. I thought the current was tricking me, but the more I looked the more I was sure it had a will of its own. When I approached it dove with a small splash and disappeared in the tinted water. I am sure it was an alligator.

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Ten miles down from Branford, the Suwannee River picks up the flow from the Santa Fe River. I didn’t notice any increase in the width of the river, so I assume that the downstream current must have increased with the added flow. I will be happy with the change of scenery from river to ocean after 11 days of river paddling to cross Florida.

Spring is already arriving in the Suwannee River; although the cypresses, willows, and oaks are all denuded, the forest ground was full of bright yellow hues of grass flowers.

Sea Kayak Florida Circumnavigation


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