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Renology 72000mAh Laptop Power Bank

Updated: Jan 17

4 Stars

Renogy Battery Pack

Kayakers can use solar panels to charge their equipment during expeditions, but some find them cumbersome as they take up deck space and the sun may not always be shining. An alternative is to carry a battery pack with enough power to charge devices, such as a phone, GPS, and headlamps, during long stretches between rest stops. I used this battery pack on my journey and was able to charge my devices nearly every day for two weeks, wand only drained 25% of the battery.

My one issue with this particular battery pack is that the soft case covers up an LED light on the base of the charger. The light will turn on if you accidentally press the power button more than once, and because you won't be able to the the LED on the battery can get drained. To avoid accidentally discharging the battery, I always made sure to remove the battery from the case when using it.

The Youtube video from DIY KAI below does a good comprehensive review of the Renology Power Bank.

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