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North Nest Key Campsite

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Nest Key Campsite.  - Everglades Florida Keys.

If you are paddling between Flamingo Point and Key Largo, then North Nest Key is convenient point to split the journey in two days. Its about 28 miles from Flamingo Point, and about 12 miles from Pennekammp Park.

The only suitable camping beach is on the north facing strip of the island where the sand piled a couple of fee above sea level and is reasonably flat. There is room for about 3 tents.

There used to be a wooden pier with two blue pot potties which where visible from a fair distance and made it easy to identify the island from all the other similar looking keys. Unfortunately they were blown away by Hurricane Irma, and as far as I know, they have not been replaced.

The interior of the island is boggy and with difficult access. There is an alligator that hangs out around the island. Keep your wits about you.

There isn't much to do here, except to camp for the night and continue on the next day to your next destination.

If you are heading west towards Flamingo Point, be keenly aware of the tides and try to time your arrival with the peak of the high tide. The entire Florida Bay is extremely shallow, and several areas are exposed at low tide which will make your path tortuous, or get you stuck. Dragging your kayak over the shallows is usually not an option as you will sink waist deep in the muck. Get the tides right, or keep a close eye for the channel markers so you don't lose your way.

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