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Flamingo Point

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Flamingo Point is usually the start or the end point of a trip through Everglades National Park and lies at the end of the 38 mile road from the park entrance.

There used to be a big restaurant with a reasonable burger and fires which made for a nice, if expensive meal after a few day's in the wilderness. Unfortunately is was mostly destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. As of my last visit in 2020 it was boarded it.

There is a food truck that operates next to the marina, but it is ridiculously overpriced and the food is awful. No doubt they are milking their monopoly. Next to the food truck is a convenience store that sells supplies. If you are heading north up the Everglades the next stop back in civilization is Chocoloskee some 70 miles away and possibly up to five days of paddling if the wind is against you. Stock up with food and freshwater if haven't brought it with you. Be weary of the black ravens in the area. These sky monkeys a wickedly smart and will shamelessly steal anything left unattended. They even know how to open Tupperware and other sealed containers.

The campsite is about a mile west from the boat ramp. It's best to kayak there rather than portage. There's easy access from the water. You will know you've arrived when you see the grassy area with the picnic tables.

The campsite has shower and bathroom facilities, but make sure you wear sandals. The floors are really dirty.

Be careful where you pitch your tent. If it rains, the grass turns into a bog sometimes almost a foot deep and your gear will be soaked. You have to look for the grass patches that are on little mounts which are little higher than the surroundings. There's nothing marked, but if the grass doesn't grow in a certain spot, it's probably because it's been bogged before.

If you are heading east towards Key Largo and the Nest Keys, make sure to time the tides right. You want to leave about two to three hours after low tide, so you go with the rising water. Even then you're probably going to be scrapping the shallows along the way, be prepared.

The picture below shows what you're going to run into and that's about half way between high and low tide.

Shallows Near Flamingo Point - Everglades National Park

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