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Arrival at Sidney Harbor by Kayak - Vancouver Island

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Glass Beach - Sidney Harbor - Rockpool Taran Kayak

If you arrive into Sidney harbor by kayak into Canada from the San Juans, then Glass Beach is a good landing point. The beach is sheltered, and you should not have difficulties landing. However, if you are on your own, it will be tough getting your kayak off the beach because of the staircases and narrow passage ways to get to the road. You could do like me and risk leaving your kayak on the beach as high up as you can above the high tide mark.

You are close to the Sidney Waterfront Inn and Suites which is reasonably priced and you can check up on your kayak at the beach from time to time.

If you are arriving from the US, remember to do Immigration. Walk over to the Port Sidney Marina, and they will guide you to the Customs Office (it's just a special phone on the dock you need to use)

On Beacon Avenue there are plenty of places to eat (Lot's of Thai and Chinese Restaurants). Avoid the Mariner Pizza on James White Boulevard. Their pepperoni is sliced thick, and the taste is mediocre and oversalted to compensate for bad ingredients.

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