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Sandy Beach Hotel

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The Sandy Beach hotel is just a few feet away from Condado Beach which is a good launch point.

Accommodations are comfortable and the staff is friendly. Breakfast is not included, but the price is reasonable for Puerto Rico. - Visit their website here. You are also close to a CVS store and other supermarkets where you can stock up.

Sandy Beach Hotel Room - Kayak Gear

If you have a 3 piece, inflatable, or skin on frame kayak, or kayak shorter than about 10 feet, then you will have no problem staying in this hotel with it. If your kayak is longer, however, then it will be a challenge getting it into the central courtyard because of the 90 degree kink in the corridor leading there. There is a hose for you to wash your kayak and gear. Just try and not make too much of a mess.

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