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Part 4 - Jul. 4th - Day 18 - Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 29

Taran Sectional Kayak

The past two nights I have slept in the back of the car, as it’s a bit of a hassle pitching the tent in the parking lot, especially with cars around. It wasn’t too bad as there is enough space with the seats down for me to roll out the air mattress. Unfortunately, tonight there was much less breeze, and not only was it hot and muggy, the mosquitos were also out looking for an easy meal. I used the thermacell mosquito repellent which I left on all night, but it only sort of worked as I got a very itchy bite on the inside of my butt cheek.

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I left just after dawn and did the half hour drive over the mountains back to Salinas, picked up the kayak, dropped the kayak and gear at the shipping container/bedroom place I’d be staying for the night, returned the rental car at Ponce airport, and called the cab driver who was happy to get another easy pass by and collect $120 ride back to Salinas. Now the only thing left to worry about is the one thing I cannot control, the wind.

Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation


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