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Little Spoil Island

Updated: May 16, 2023

Little Spoil Island - Campsite

I don't know for what purpose someone dug up the sea floor and piled up a chunk of limestone into a little spoil island just barely half a mile off the coast of Key Largo, but it is a little jewel for the exhausted kayaker.

The island is approximately 20 miles south of Boca Chita Key, which depending on the wind direction if a full day's paddle. It is also about 14 miles north of John Pennekammp State Park, so if you want to break jour journey into two days, this is the place to stop.

The landing point is a shingled beach which you need to approach from the north side, and then carry your kayak above the high tide mark. Right behind the only bush in on the island you can find some protection from the wind, where there's comfortable room for about three tents while still keeping the mosquitos in check.

You should have a comfortable night here and not be bothered by anyone. Be courteous and do your number 2 in the water for the potential next person who comes here after you. There's no good place to do it without it being somewhere someone may pitch their tent one day.

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