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Launching a Site!!!

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Dear Friends!

Like most of you I have been confined to my home for the past several weeks, and like most folks, will be home for several more, until this Corona Virus cuts us all a truce. Even the joy of kayaking is forbidden at this time, the beaches are closed, use of boat ramps is banned, and even here where I live, the HOA has blocked the footpath I dolly my boat to the water with a big fat lock.

But a crisis is a terrible thing to waste! After reading through all the posts of my kayak expedition around the State of Florida, I noticed a lot spelling and auto-correct errors which no doubt stem from typing with fat fingers on a diminutive phone screen. I also felt that I didn't properly capture all the thoughts, experiences, and characters I encountered along the journey as writing coherently after exhaustive 8 to 12 hours paddle days can sometimes be an even greater struggle.

I wanted to convey a more comprehensive documentation of the journey and create a more enriched narrative. And so, with all this newly found free time, I have spent my recent weekends laboring to create a website to share with you a great story!

In the site I have included the full travel log of all my days in the journey with new maps, routes, and photographs, as well as a comprehensive review of all the gear items I used, and a review of some of the best camping and hotel spots I found along the way which should be an immense help for paddlers who no doubt will want to undertake this journey in the future.

This is my first website and I am still beta testing it, so there may be a few kinks to sort out. I would greatly appreciate that if any of you see things that don't display well (such as photos over text, error messages, or bad links) or if you find spelling errors and bad grammar, please send to me a screen shot and tell me what device or web browser you were using, and I will try to fix it.

The site is called

Thank you!

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