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Haulover Inlet

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Haulover Inlet

Haulover inlet is a dangerous point of entry into the Intracoastal waterway for a kayak. It is much narrower than Government Cut, and the current tops 4 knots during peak flow. Even some powered boats have trouble fighting against the flow. If you are a kayak going with the flow, then you are committed; in the ebbing tide, the point of no return is right before the bridge.

The overpass pilons also create confusing eddies that can cause your kayak to swing sideways into the rock jetties, or worse into incoming boat traffic.

At the mouth of the inlet, an easterly wind coupled with a falling tide will create very large standing waves, which would be fun to surf, if it were not for the heavy boat traffic the inlet sees almost every day. Some crazy boat captains like to smash the standing waves at high speed to see if they can get airborne. This most often results in foam seats flying off in the wind, spilled margheritas and a lot of angry girlfriends.

Check out this Youtube video from Boat Zone. Miami Drivers are Crazy!

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