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Cape Romano Dome Houses

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Cape Romano - Dome Houses

The Cape Romano Dome Houses were a unique set of dome-shaped structures located on the southern tip of Cape Romano. The structures were built in 1980 by retired oil producer Bob Lee as a vacation home for his family.

The Dome Houses were made of reinforced concrete and were shaped like igloos to look like flying saucers.

Each dome measured about 24 feet in diameter and is supported by reinforced concrete pillars. The interior of the domes was designed to be open-plan with a central living area and bedrooms around the perimeter.

Over the years, the Dome Houses had become a popular tourist attraction, with visitors coming from all over the world to see them. You could kayak amidst the ruins and get and see dozens cormorants and other sea birds that made the place their home and fishing ground.

However, the structures were also been subject to natural disasters such as hurricanes, and over the years they fell into disrepair. Some of them fell into the water and were partially submerged due to erosion of the shoreline.

There were efforts have the structures preserved as a historical and cultural landmark, but they were finally destroyed in 2022 by Hurricane Ian and today only the bare foundations of the structures remain as you can see in the photograph below from an article of the Daily mail from January 18th 2023

Remnants of cape Romano dome houses

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