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10 Best Kayak Rock Gardening Videos

Updated: Jan 25

I've compiled from YouTube what I think are the 10 Best Kayak Rock Gardening Videos. Let me know what you think, and if there is a better video out there I'll will update the list.

'1. Rock Garden Rescue Class - Pacific Coastal Kayaking - by Bill Vonnegut

2. Rocks Are Hard - Rough Water Sea Kayaking - by Bill Vonnegut

3.Rough Water Sea Kayaking - by Neptune Rangers

4. Sea Kayak Rock Gardening the Akwa Triangle - by Liquid Fusion Kayaking

5. Mendocino Sea Cave Kayaking - by Liquid Fusion Kayaking

6. Point Lobos Pour Overs - by TangledinKelp

7. On the Water - by Neptune Rangers

8. Sea Kayaking - Ireland - by otpbdh01

9. Sea Kayaking - Kerry 2015

10. Om Mani Padme OMG! - by Neptune Rangers

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