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10 Best Kayak Surfing Videos

Updated: Jan 25

I've compiled from YouTube what I think are the 10 best Kayak Surfing Videos. Let me know what you think, and if there is a better video out there I'll will update the list

'1. KAYAK LOOPS & SURFING SKILLS - by Kayak Experience

2. Surf Ski Margaret River Waves - Hamish Worsley

3. Big Wave Surfski - by jtresfon

4. Sea Kayak Surfing Basics Redux - by Kayak Hipster

5. Big Wave Surfski - Sunset Reef - by Robin Mousley

6. Sea Kayak (Rockpool Taran 18) and Surf Ski - by Kayak Surf Coaching

7. Hobuck Hoedown 2018 - by Top Turn Kayaks

8. The Big Skook Experience - by Speezy Jones

9. Sea kayak Surfing - by Alex Mathews

10. Riding amazing waves - by Dawid Mocke

11. Dillon Beach & Tomales Point - by Sean Morsley

12.Pacific Coastal Kayaking - by Bill Vonnegut

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