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MeeFar Universal Car Soft Roof Rack Pads

5 Stars

I bought the Meefar Soft Roof Rack to transport my new Rockpool Taran from the Factory in Anglesey to the launch point of the expeditio non the River Thames. So far I have only carried out a test run with it. I mounted my existing kayak on top of my Totyota Prius, and took it for a drive on the highway.

I was a bit concerned to only use the two straps that came with the rack kit, so I added two more straps for peace of mind. After tying the front and the back of the kayak, they boat felt very sturdy and stable, and never flinched even when I hit some strong crosswinds on a bridge. However, I didn't have the courage to drive above 50 mph with the set up, and I plan to take backroads when I pick up my new boat at the factory.

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