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Epic Wing Paddle

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

5 stars

Epic Wing Paddle

I really like the Epic wing paddle. Once you get the hang of the shorter stroke pull, paddling with a wing paddle feels light and effortless, and you won't want to go back to a euro blade. Rolling with the wing paddle takes a little bit of practice. You have to make sure that the paddle blade is angled slightly upwards to make sure that it doesn't dive on the sweep. After you master that, rolling with a wing paddle feels really easy. If you are planning to paddle long distances, then it is best to buy the small/mid sized paddle. For sprinting, you can go with the large paddle if you are strong enough. The quality build of the epic wing is excellent, and the shaft locking mechanism works well in all conditions, and does not jam with salt and gunk.

Epic paddle Locking mechanism

Feathering the paddle does help with making headway upwind. But isn't usually necessary. The only thing only thing that this paddle does not do as well as a euro blade is stern ruddering and sculling. Therefore, if you plan on going kayak surfing or rock gardening, it's better to use a euro blade, or, you can, try the large wing blade. The Price of a wing paddle is expensive. So make sure you buy them when they're on sale...

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