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Flex Rubberized Water Proof Tape 

Updated: Jan 17

4 Stars

Flex Rubberized Water Proof Tape 

I always carry this Rubberized Water Proof Tape in the event I needed to make a quick temporary repair on the kayak to get somewhere. As duct tapes go, this thing is the best I’ve seen. It’s really thick, and really hard to pull off once it’s stuck somewhere. I used once it to cover a loose hinge on the hull of my sectional kayak until I could find someone with a pair of pliers to help me tighten them. It stayed perfectly in place, even though it was underwater all day and I dragged the kayak over sand two times. it should even get you through minor gelcoat cracks until you have a proper place to fix them. My only complaint is that it is expensive. My roll cost $13 and only had 5 feet of tape, but it did come in black to match the hull color.

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