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Paddle Sports of Naples

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

5 Stars

Paddle Sports of Naples is a fantastic Paddle Shop. The owner, Jay Rose, is a master boat repairer.

He fixed the location of my rudder haul line cleat, installed the Falcon Sail, took the measurements for a new Redfish Kayak seat, fixed several gelcoat and stress fractures on my hull, added a keel strip, installed the automatic bilge pump kayak, and added a carbon fiber layer in the cockpit to firm up the rigidity of the hull.

My kayak has never looked better. He is the go-to man in South Florida for boat repairs. A kayak whisperer if ever there was one!

He is also a great friend. In my journey around Florida he gave me tremendous help by getting a new air mattress to me along the way. His wife also baked some delicious cookies for me and after I completed 43 miles from Sanibel Beach to Marco Island, which I then savored over the next two days! Hopefully one day I can thank her in person! For my journey around Vancouver Island Jay gave me a class on how to do field repairs on my kayak. He taught me how to properly cut the fiberglass cloth, how to interwind the cloth sheets to ensure maximum strength in the repair, and how to prepare, spread and cure the resin in the field. Above all, he gave me peace of mind knowing that I would be well prepared for any hassles that might come along in a two month expedition.

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