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Energy Shot Acai & Pomegranate Stacker

4 stars

Energy Shot Acai & Pomegranate Stacker

This is one of the energy shots that I like to take if I need a boost of energy in a really long and arduous paddle (like a 40 miles or more in a day) a long paddle into the wind, or a night crossing that requires me to stay awake through the night. If you feel burned out, this thing will definitely jolt you after about 5 minutes. It like releasing the emergency energy reserve that your body keeps in the tank for a life or death action. I call it the He-Man Potion. Just be aware that the mental crash that comes after it wears off is like a bad hangover...

The taste for this brand, isn't the best, but it is cheap to get four packs of 12.

Avoid taking these late in the evening. You will not sleep the entire night.

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