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Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

4 Stars

Those who know me, know that I hate cooking. Be it at home or camping, I do not enjoy the ritual of preparing food, and even less so washing the dishes.

In a kayaking expedition, that has one distinct advantage. It saves the space for a gas stove, plates, and silverware, which can be bulky and hard to compress into a small volume.

Normally I find Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta to be disagreeable and almost unfit for human consumption. If you warm it up in you home microwave, it's a very bland pasta with little taste of meat, tomato sauce or pasta.

However, if you've been camping for over a week eating canned fish for three meals a day, It does add some well needed variety to your day and diet. Add with enough grated cheese, and I would dare say, it's even quite palatable.

One advantage of buying canned foods in general is that you can usually crunch up the cans which cuts down on the trash volume you need to carry in the kayak.

I do however, draw the line at the Boyardee Lasagna. I would rather go hungry than to eat chunky tomatoes. I still remember my disappointment knowing on one camping trip when I realized I would be throwing away 5 cans of the stuff.

I would also not recommend the alfredo chicken variety. First time you eat it it's ok, for the novelty factor, but after a few days, it gets very nauseating.

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