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Part 1 Jun. 4th - 14 Days to Departure - Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 27

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Oh goodness! What a whirlwind the past month has been! I was working out of Colorado for all of May and the beginning of June. The different scenery of mountains, snow and cooler temperatures was a pleasant temporary reprieve from the swamp humidity of Miami. I kept my work schedule on Eastern time, so my work hours were from 6:00am to 3:00pm, and that left time in the long afternoons for bike rides to climb up to the mountain passes and villages. The constant exercise will no doubt help. I lost 10 pounds in a month. “You have no beer belly anymore,” my mother said, “well, a food belly to be more precise, you don’t drink. That will help you on the up wind stretch in Puerto Rico. Let’s hope you don’t gain it all back, again. That yoyoing you do with your weight is not good for you. You know, after 40 the general trend is up, and so are the health problems that go with being fat…”

“Well, I’m 37 now; maybe when I’m 40, if I get good enough kayaking I’ll make expeditioning a full-time gig. I have the money to do it… Then my worry will be to weigh too little instead of weighing too much.”

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“Maybe when you’re 40 you’ve got a girlfriend who will get those ideas out of your head, so my head can get some rest. And speaking of heads, you’re vaccinated now, stop cutting your own hair just to save twenty bucks. That buzz cut you’ve been doing isn’t going to earn you cool points with any ladies…”

“The buzz cut is a new pandemic habit I’ve picked up. It’s great for the Miami weather. Long hair is prickly and uncomfortable, especially around the ears. And it’s not twenty bucks, it’s twenty bucks per cut, plus tips; with some 6 cuts per year that’s over one hundred and twenty dollars. I don’t spend money on things I don’t have to. As for the ladies, I have a friend at work who is 50 and just got engaged, for the first time. His fiancé looks 30-ish; so, there’s plenty of time for me to eventually contemplate that. No girlfriend would stand for me spending my vacation time kayaking for a month or more, and to be honest, I don’t think I could share a tent with someone else for a month either. My sweaty farts are bad enough for me, never mind how much worse someone else’s sweaty farts are…”

“Ah well, you know what you do with your life…. Don’t forget to send me that GPS link so I know where you are, so I can sleep at night.”

Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation


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