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Part 1 Jun. 15th - 2 Days to Departure - Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation

Updated: Jan 27

Around Puerto Rico by Kayak

I received confirmation from Crowley Marine that the Taran has landed and is ready for pickup in San Juan. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it has arrived safe and sound, and everything is as I packed. I’d hate to get there and find out that it got crushed up like a soda can in the shipping container. One of the toughest things to master in life, I think, is to not worry about things beyond my control. I can only fly tomorrow after midday, so pickup can only happen Friday morning. I’ll be worried about the kayak until I see it...

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This week wrapping up work has been exhausting. Somehow work always seems to build up right before you leave for vacation; Work is one of those things that knows what you are up to, without you needing to tell it. Sort of like your bowel movement when you catch sight of the toilet. But now that the work is done, I feel a blissful feeling of there being nothing left to do here in Miami; it’s just like that moment in the can when you’ve finished your urgent business, you think, “I’m just going to sit here for ten minutes, take a deep breather, and watch some kayaking videos on YouTube. The world can afford to wait for me…”

Sea Kayak Puerto Rico Circumnavigation


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