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Stohlquist Edge Life Vest XX Large

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

3 Stars
Puerto Rico - Stohlquist Edge Personal Floatation Device XX Large
Stohlquist Edge Personal Floatation Device XX Large

The Stohlquist Edge Life Vest is the life jacket I use has a convenient front pocket that's big enough to hold my cell phone and some power bars. This reduces the need to open the front day hatch in my kayak. However, this life jacket is a bit bulky and can take some getting used to. It may also cause nipple chafing if not worn properly. Lastly, the brand name Stohlquist can be difficult to remember and spell. Perhaps they should consider changing it to Stoic, reflecting the need to accept one's predicament and stay calm when in the water.

The YouTube video below from Adventure Kayak Magazine has a decent video explaining the features of the Stohlquist Lifejacket.

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