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Stohlquist AMP Dry Suit

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

5 Stars

In terms of value for money, the Stohlquist AMP Dry Suit beats the Kokatat Meridian hands down. Fabric quality is excellent, and will keep you dry while letting the sweat escape, the waterproof zippers slide with ease, the neck and wrist gaskets are water tight, and the reinforced knee pads give you confidence they won't rip on rocks or on the beach.

Best of all, the price is half of the equivalent Kokatat suit. If the first one you get strings a leak, then throw it away, buy a new one, and you will still be saving money compared with the Kokatat Meridian. I also own a Kokatat Meridian, and it's a good suit, but it springs leaks too from time to time, no matter how careful you are with it.

The one thing the Stohlquist suit doesn't have is style. You can't order a customized fit to measure (you can clearly see that the suit I'm wearing in the picture is too big for me), like you can with a Kokatat suit, and the black patch around the neck is ugly, and gets hot in the sun.


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