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Patuxent River Park & Jug Bay Natural Area

Updated: May 16, 2023

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Put in Points

Kayak Rentals

Jug Bay is a spot where the Patuxent River becomes very wide (~1 km across) and shallow. The tide can easily leave you stranded while exploring the many miles of marsh lands. Because the area is wide open, winds can kick up some decent waves and make your paddle a little more challenging. Occasionally you will see motorboats, but for the most part they are fairly well behaved.

There are two put-ins for Jug Bay proper:

Jackson Landing and Selby Landing. Both landings are on the same side of the river which makes for a pretty easy bicycle shuttle with the Patuxent RIver Park if you just want to paddle with the wind or tides. Kayak rental and camping are available at the Patuxent River Park Office, call: 301-627-6074.

Jug Bay is within an hour of DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore and pretty easy to get to.

There are numerous wastewater plants that empty into the Patuxent River, and sometimes the river will have that 'sanitized for your protection' smell to it. Even with the funk, Jug Bay has pretty excellent opportunities for solitude for being so close to major population centers and has an excellent water trail resource to help you plan trips - however once you get far enough above Jug Bay you may find that portaging over and around downed trees becomes a frequent experience.

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