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Nemo Cart Kayak Carrier

Updated: Jan 29

3 Stars

Rockpool Taran Kayak - Nemo Kayak Cart

Nemo Cart Kayak Carrier

A kayak dolly is essential for solo kayak expeditions. I landed several times in boat ramps and other locations that required me to portage my kayak for some distance. In addition, I had a 25-mile walk with it which would have been impossible without the dolly.

While the Nemo Cart Kayak Carrier will do the work without failing, I think it could have been better. Its main qualities were that it is lightweight, has soft straps that don’t scratch my kayak, and was sufficiently robust and stable to carry the fully loaded kayak. However, it has some drawbacks which the manufacturer should remedy. These are:

  • The clip joints are not made of quality steel and will rust after prolonged use in sea water and the paint job will chip off.

  • Its frame is bulky and even tough it comes apart, it still has large pieces that take up precious real-estate in the stern. While that was not a problem in this journey, an expedition with more needs would be pressed to use the room for other items.

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