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Kokatat Tributary Lifejacket Hydration System Pack

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

3 Stars

Kokatat Tributary Lifejacket Hydration System Pack

I liked having this hydration system pack. It holds about 1.5 liters and is very convenient in warm weather paddling where you tend to drink a lot of water. It fits most lifejackets, but it's best for a Kokatat lifejacket (which unfortunately are very expensive). One thing that is not so good about it, is that you have to wash it several times before the bad water taste is finally removed. I cleaned it with soda water. There is also the issue that the mouth piece can fall off without you noticing, which then makes the pack useless for the rest of the trip.

You can see a review of the Kokatat Tributary at the Kayak Hipster's YouTube video below. He does a good job explaining how to use it.

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